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MagKnight Feature


MagKnight is the gameplay equivalent to the movie trailer.
Being short and sweet it is the right thing for a quick gaming snack.

Angus McSherman wanted nothing more than winning first place in this years medieval tournament.
But as he just left his home castle a force he never experienced before grabbed him. And as he flew headfirst through the air the entry fee for the tournament dropped from his pockets. Help Angus to get his coins back.

A physics based action game where you need to defy gravity and master the art of attraction.

OpenGL 3.3 is required.


A Tiny Spacegame

A Tiny Spacegame is the first game from Zenpowered Games.
It features round based tactical space combat.

You are being put into the seat of a battle hardened spacecraft.
Your mission is as simple as it is daunting. Hunt down as many space pirates as you can. On your journey you will need to invest in more advanced weapons and defense mechanisms.

Your most important tool is your observation skill. Learn the attack patterns of your enemy. You have only seconds to make the right call.


Zenpowered Games

Should games be fun? Trick question. Of course they should!
But they need to be more. Games are an art form. They allow players to immerse themselves in a world like no other medium can. Yet it is the player who brings them to life. He is at the center of it all.
We at Zenpowered believe honesty and respect should be a major focus.
We are a small independant development team. That is why it is very important to us to honest with our players. Our projects are limited in scale but we try to make the best of it.
In the past we used Unity3D for development. By now we have switched to the open source Godot engine.
We respect our players time and intellect. We think the monetisation mania has gone too far.
Free2Play games that waste the players valuable time to force ingame shop purchases. Lootboxen that exploit gambling mechanics to get people addicted.
That cannot and should not be the way it is.
But Zenpowered, these things need to be in modern games. Otherwise they are just not feasible.
Well, no. We refuse to believe that.
What do you think of modern gaming trends? Let us know! We are happy to hear from you.